In Lomagne old stones tell thousands of stories, still alive in the middle of our colourful little valleys...

Museums that feature collections of quality. Exhibitions to discover Lomagne and its famous mathematician Pierre Fermat.

Churches, châteaux and museums

Eglise st Orens de Maubec

82500 Maubec
Phone 05 63 65 21 38

The building is registered as historical monuments in 1955 and listed in 1986.The originality of this church was the presence in front of a huge bell tower, high of thirty four meters, a quite excepti...

Castle Johan Cardailhac to Larrazet

82500 Larrazet
Phone 05 63 20 76 50

The abbey castle dominates the Gimone Valley and was built partly on the substructures of an ancient castle dating before 1187 and destroyed during the Hundred Years War.It's May 20, 1500 John III Car...

Castle Gramont

Château de Gramont
82120 Gramont
Phone 05 63 94 05 26

A delicate Renaissance architecture in the Pays de Lomagne.On the edge of the Tarn et Garonne and the Gers, the Gramont castle overlooks a hillside. The castle of the thirteenth century, still remains...

Church Lachapelle

82120 Lachapelle
Phone 06 41 43 02 00

This listed building surprises visitors by its interior baroque style that immerses us a Venetian theater ...Chapel castrale originally Lachapelle church became a parish church in the fifteenth centur...

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Rue de l'église
82500 Beaumont de lomagne
Phone 05 63 02 42 32

Church of Southern Gothic steeple and octagonal ToulouseThe city and its church are the same age. Born as the city in 1280, the will of the monks Grandselve, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption f...

Honey Museum

82120 Gramont
Phone 05 63 94 00 20

The life of bees in the heart of one of the richest collections of beekeeping!The tour consists of 3 parts: the first is devoted to the former French beekeeping with a reminder of the bee's life and a...

Eglise et retable baroque de Larrazet

82500 Larrazet
Phone 05 63 20 70 94

In the sixteenth century Johan Cardailhac, abbot Belleperche, ordered the construction of a church, flanked by a majestic hexagonal tower and a massive stone bridge. In 1686, the village priest ordere...

Birthplace Pierre Fermat

3 rue Pierre Fermat
82500 Beaumont de lomagne
Phone 05 63 26 52 30

Tribute to mathematician Pierre de Fermat was born in the early seventeenth century in Beaumont-de-Lomagne.A Beaumont Lomagne, science and mathematics learning while having fun: manipulations, worksho...

Maison de la Lomagne

2 boulevard des amoureux
82120 Lavit
Phone 05 63 02 38 00

At the heart of the Pays de Lomagne, the Ostau of Lomanha, allows the tourist to learn this corner of Biscay, straddling two departments and often forgotten by the guides. The House of Lomagne houses ...

Musée de la vigne et du vin

82120 Gramont
Phone 05 63 94 00 08

Visit -From Working the land to harvest, processing in the cellar until the still to discover Gramont museum of the vine and wine that will immerse you in the wine regional terroir. -Many Years were n...