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La Lomagne, white garlic area

Once upon a time a colourful country met a legendary plant with unexpected virtues...  "L'Ail Blanc de Lomagne"


Highly-Coloured Cuisine

  • Garlic is the essential seasoning in the cooking of Southern France.  It is the flavour of a language: the "langue d'oc".  Garlic cuisine provides a sensation of happiness and peace.
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A legendary  plant

  • Garlic's virtues have been abundantly illustrated in history. Pyramid builders, ancient Greek athletes and warriors throughout the ages were administered a few bulbs of the odorous herb to maximise performance and fend off diseases.
  • For thousands of years, Garlic has been one of the most popular medicinal herbs, in addition to the legendary myth that Garlic will ward off vampires...
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A magical plant

  • Ancient doctors have exalted garlic's virtues: Hippocrates (300BC) recommended garlic for infections, wounds, cancer, leprosy, and digestive disorders. Dioscorides praised it for its use in treating heart problems, and Pliny listed the plant in 61 remedies for a wide variety of ailments ranging from the common cold to leprosy, epilepsy and tapeworm.
  • Researchers have recently established that garlic is useful in combating heart attacks by preventing coronary arteries from clogging up, and that it could also prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and even weight gain...

Garlic producers

Garlic Festival

  • It is tradition in Beaumont to celebrate a very popular festival every year in July.  In September producers are rewarded during the annual garlic fair-exhibition
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