The center of the bastide is occupied by a covered place called "halle" where the weekly Saturday morning market takes place. In the 14th century, a huge square hall was built, 36.40 m square, with an impressive oak frame supported by 38 posts resting on stone pillars.

The halle
and its huge roof

Over the centuries, the halle has required many repairs or modifications: the roof in 1636 and in 1947 the "donjon" collapsed completely and caused great damage. It is no longer rebuilt but replaced by the current steeple.

Roofing hall of Beaumont de Lomagne

Roofing hall of Beaumont de Lomagne

A monumental frame

This frame which threatened to collapse in 1990 has been favored by the best carpenters, some main beams have been changed and here it is set out again for a few more centuries to everyone's delight.

Framework hall of Beaumont de Lomagne

Framework hall of Beaumont de Lomagne. JL.Photographies

The halle, its cobblestone
and its arcades

The floor of the Halle de Beaumont called "calade" remains the last vestige of this traditional coating method in the region. The ground is made up of pebbles. In total, it took less than 370,000 pebbles to recreate the original floor identically.

Arcades once existed on all four sides of the square but also in the main streets until 1837. Originally they were based on wooden pillars. They have disappeared but  they were rebuilt in brick at the beginning of the 19th century on the east and west sides .

Did you know it ?

In 1990, major works were undertaken to consolidate the framework. For the roof, the initial slopes were maintained and the tiles were reused. The visible battens have been entirely replaced by irregular planks treated with tools and limed.

Arcades de Beaumont de Lomagne

Arcades Beaumont de Lomagne. J.PhilippeJuen

We enjoy...

Many events and festivities take place all year round in this huge square. It can thus accommodate thousands of visitors during the white garlic festival in July, children's festival in June, gourmet markets, flea market ... this "halle" is the lungs of the country house, place of all meetings and reunions.

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Garlic festival in Beaumont de Lomagne

Garlic festival in Beaumont de Lomagne. M. Krimm


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Halle Beaumont de Lomagne

Halle et statue Fermat de Beaumont de Lomagne. J.PhilippeJuen