Abbaye de Belleperche à Cordes tolosannes

Nearby Beaumont de Lomagne

Abbaye de Belleperche à Cordes tolosannes

Situated just two hours from the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, and even the Pyrenees, the Lomagne is an ideal base for exploring the south-west.
From Beaumont de Lomagne, enjoy sporting and cultural activities,  trips out with family or friends – something for everyone and for every taste....

20 mins from Beaumont de Lomagne

Cordes Toloannes et son abbaye de Belleperche

Belleperche Abbey

Museum of Tableware

Belleperche Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery in Cordes-Tolosannes. Founded in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 18th century, it us home to the Museum of Tableware.

Pente d'eau de Montech

The "pente d'eau" of Montech


Starting from the Maison de site in the old paper mill, take a one-hour walk along the side canal of the Garonne and discover an amazing site.

Auvillar et sa halle circulaire

Auvillar et its round market halle

A beautiful village in France

Auvillar is a stopover point on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and can be easily identified by its eye-catching circular grain market.

30mins from Beaumont de Lomagne

Cloitre de Moissac


and ils cloister

Saint Peter's Abbey is a world-famous building, known for its 76 Romanesque capitals in the cloisters and its sculpted tympanum, which featured in Jean-Jacques Annaud's famous film “In the the Name of the Rose”.

Montauban et son musée Ingres


and the Ingres Museum

The Ingres-Bourdelle Museum is an art and archaeology museum housed in the former town hall.  This building was built in the 17th century in France and was the site of the episcopal palace of the bishops of Montauban.

Animaparc au Burgaud

Le burgaud


AN ATTRACTION PARK for all ages and the entire family. Enjoy the first set of feelings experienced by your little ones and a strong feelings for the most daring among you. An incredible family adventure!

Other not-to-be-missed attractions!

Major sites in Occitania

Situated close to the Lomagne Tarn et Garonne. Take the opportunity to visit some of the most significant sites :
- St Antonin noble Val
- Toulouse, the pink city
- Auch and its cathedral

The most beautiful villages in France

This label, which rewards the most touristic villages in the region, needs no introduction. It’s somewhere that’s just not to be missed!
- Bruniquel and its castles
- Lauzerte, Quercy Southwest
- Sarrant  et Larressingle in the Gers

Less than 1 hour from Beaumont de Lomagne

- Le canal des deux mers
- Le château de Laréole
- Agrip aventure à Montech
- Labyrinthe de Merville (31)
- Le vallon des kangourous à St Clar (32)
Toulouse (31)



La bastide de Beaumont de Lomagne