Step back in history walking along the streets of the 13th century royal bastide of Beaumont de Lomagne: it follows a chessboard layout, and has a fortified church, monumental market the "halle" (the covered market)  and a calade floor.

Everything in red brick

Wherever you look there is authentic, smooth, warm, red brick that introduces a wonderful sense of harmony to the bastide. It has been there ever since the city was established and you can find it by visiting the private townhouses, covered arcades and church.

You can enjoy discovering the half-timbered houses, the last remaining mounting posts, mirrors, and mullioned windows.

La bastide de Beaumont de Lomagne

La bastide de Beaumont de Lomagne. Balloide

A immense
14th century halle

This huge square halle, measuring 36.4m along each side, is made from an impressive oak framework supported by 38 posts that rest on stone plinths. The calade floor is the last reminder of this traditional and paving method.

La halle de Beaumont de Lomagne

La halle de Beaumont de Lomagne. M. Krimm

A fortress church more than 700 years old

Fortress, cathedral, necropolis, fodder shop: the church of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption has withstood all storms, but not without suffering some damage.

Everything in this building is simply monumental. Taking more than 200 years to construct, the spire reaches 51m, the nave is 54m long, 15m wide, 20m high, and there are 13 chapels, a large baldachin, and a large classic organ.


What is a bastide ?

A bastide is a new town that was founded in the 13th century and functions as both a stronghold and a public space.
Among the 400 bastides built in the south-west, Beaumont de Lomagne was founded between 1276 and 1279 by the Abbey of Granselve and the King of France, Philip III the Bold.

Clocher toulousain église de Beaumont de Lomagne

Clocher toulousain église de Beaumont de Lomagne. Lesbroz

We love...

 Go to the Saturday morning market, meet the producers and buy local seasonal products.

Arcades de Beaumont de Lomagne

Arcades de Beaumont de Lomagne. Lesbroz


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Maison Jean d'Armagnac à Beaumont de Lomagne

Maison Jean d'Armagnac à Beaumont de Lomagne. OT Lomagne