Gramont is located on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the Arratz valley, the border between Gers and Tarn and Garonne. Surrounded by hilly, green landscapes, with small roads which wind through the hills and small valleys.

A  Gascon  castel

The castle, listed as an Historic Monument, an intrinsic part in the village’s history as the first houses were built for the housekeepers, farmers and gardeners who worked for the Montaut family who were the lords of the castle.
The village was built from limestone, as can be seen in the ashlar houses. It is worth noting that the rock was dug directly, and then cut to form the foundations of the castle ramparts.
It was built during the ‘Gascon castles’ movement and was altered in the 14th century, and modernised to become a Renaissance dwelling.

Château de Gramont.

Château de Gramont. G.Cassaro

The mills of Gramont

Gramont owned 5 mills. People came from far and wide to grind their grain in one of the windmills or at the water mill on Arrats. The Havares Manor oil mill used to provide the inhabitants of Gramont with the necessary oil to manufacture alimentary nut or hazelnut oils as well as flax oil for the lighting.

Hameau d'Havarès à Gramont

Hameau d'Havarès à Gramont


Every year, the Castel of Gramont offers you a quality exhibition :
- From June to December 2021  "Costumer la Renaissance" : Come and discover 35 costumes made for the cinema. They have been worn by the biggest stars, from Isabelle Adjani to Joseph Fiennes and Judi Dench.
- From June to December 2022 "Les Chambres des secrets" : Curiosities and fantastic creations came together in the Renaissance in the Chambers of Wonders. In the 17th century, they became "cabinets of curiosities" . 

With my familly

Every Thursday, from July 15 to August 15, 2021 at 3 p.m., the Château de Gramont offers family activities.
Reservation required: 05 63 94 05 26

Exposition Costumer la Renaissance au château de Gramont

Exposition Costumer la Renaissance au château de Gramont

We enjoy...

The Honey Museum is a veritable conservatory of techniques and traditions linked to honey, bee products, beekeeping and bees. Traditions from French regions and around the world.


  • Guided tour of the castel
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  • Honey Museum
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  • Treasure hunt (Randoland)
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