For more than ten centuries, Gramont has dominated the Arratz valley from its rocky outcrop. The village was built from limestone, as can be seen in the houses that are directly cut out from the rock.

A Gascon Castel

Classified as a historic monument, it was built during the ‘Gascon castles’ movement: we can see the medieval structure with the rectangular plan and the large room upstairs. We can still see the ‘Simon de Montfort’ square tower, 14th century brattices, trefoil windows, and the medieval spiral staircase

Château de Gramont.

Château de Gramont. G.Cassaro

The mills of Gramont

Gramont owned 5 mills. People came from far and wide to grind their grain in one of the windmills or at the watermill standing on the Arrats. The oil mill at the  Manoir de Havarès meant residents could produce edible walnut or hazelnut oil, as well as linseed oil used for lighting.

Hameau d'Havarès à Gramont

Hameau d'Havarès à Gramont


Each year, the Castel de Gramont puts on a quality exhibition:
From June to December 2022 "Chambers of Secrets". Curiosities and fantastic creations rubbed shoulders in the Renaissance in Rooms of Marvels.  In the 17th century, they became "cabinets of curiosities".

With my familly

The castle puts on workshops for young people  every Thursday during the school holidays and a "Monum, children’s day" in October 
Have fun discovering our heritage!



We love...

The Honey Museum  is a true conservatory where you can discover various techniques and traditions related to honey, bee products,beekeeping and bees. These are traditions from the different French regions and from all over the world.


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