Jeu de piste

Treasure hunts, riddles and rallies

On foot, by motorbike or by car. Visit the Lomagne in a playful and fun way: treasure hunts, riddle rallies by car or motorbike, hikes involving riddles, and more. Watch, play, learn, and challenge yourself!

The "Bello Monte" treasure hunts

Bello Monte is the star horse in the Lomagne. Buy your adventure pack, work through all the stages, make use of the items and let yourself be guided along!

  • In Beaumont de Lomagne, a royal bastide, you can help him to find his magic shoes.
  • In Maubec, you will need to go and find Marshal, the blacksmith. Try it on your own, in pairs, in threes, with your family...


  • The adventure bag : € 8
  • One additional adventure : € 2
  • On sale at the Tourist Office
Les aventures de Bello Monte à Beaumont de Lomagne

Les aventures de Bello Monte à Beaumont de Lomagne

Games and riddles to do with your family

The Tourist Office provides games, riddles and rallies that bring together French history with observation tasks and hiking. The Fermat Science association has a range of workshops, exhibitions and games to do with science and mathematics in particular.

Jeu de piste en famille

Jeu de piste en famille

The riddle rally
"The Gourmet Tour"

Discover the Lomagne region by car or motorbike!

Your mission is to find the 16 ingredients and clues scattered throughout the 15 villages of the Lomagne. Fill in your treasure log book and locate the right ingredients and chest where the mystery recipe is hidden.

Price: €2 for the  Rally The Gourmet Tour". On sale at the Tourist Office.

15 villages to discover

Take to the road, observe and play....
Beaumont de Lomagne, Sérignac, Larrazet, Belbèze en Lomagne, Escazeaux, Le Causé, Faudoas, Maubec, Cumont, Lamothe Cumont, Marsac, Gramont, Lachapelle, Asques, Lavit.

Rallye des gourmets en Lomagne

Rallye des gourmets en Lomagne

We love...

Randoland fun walks Family walkingtours. Between city and nature, discover the clues, solve the investigation and enjoy your visit, walking and having fun with the whole family. Set off on a 5km walk that will take you to Beaumont de Lomagne and Gramont.
> The riddles change depending the age of the children. (4/6 years, 7/9 years, +10 years).
> Price: €2 for the route. On sale at the Tourist Office

Randolantd à Beaumont de Lomagne

Randoland à Beaumont de Lomagne


  • Lomagne Tourist Office
    1 rue de l’église
    82500 Beaumont de Lomagne
    Phone number : 05 63 02 42 32
Jeu de piste à Beaumont de Lomagne

Jeu de piste à Beaumont de Lomagne. La bougeotte en famille