Jeu de piste

Treasure hunts and rally

On foot, by motorbike or by car, visit La Lomagne in a fun way: treasure hunts, rally enigmas by car or motorbike, hikes with enigmas ... Observe, play, learn, challenge yourself !!!

The "Bello Monte" treasure hunts

2 adventures - 2 villages to explore
In Beaumont de Lomagne, help Bello Monte, the little black horse, to find his magic irons and in Maubec go in search of Marshal, the farrier.
Go alone, with friends or family ... equipped with your precious adventure bag !



  • Buy your precious adventure bag ! Help yourself with objects  and let yourself be guided !
  • The adventure bag : € 8
    One additional adventure : € 2
    On sale at the Tourist Office
Les aventures de Bello Monte à Beaumont de Lomagne

Les aventures de Bello Monte à Beaumont de Lomagne

Family treasure hunts

The Tourist Office offers games, puzzles and rallies that combine the country's history, observation, hiking. The Fermat Science association presents a range of workshops, exhibitions, games around science and mathematics in particular.

Jeu de piste en famille

Jeu de piste en famille

The enigma rally
"The Gourmet Tour"

Discover Lomagne by car or motorbike!

Your Mission:
Find the 16 ingredients and clues scattered around the 15 villages of Lomagne. Fill out your logbook and discover the right ingredients and the chest where the mystery recipe is hidden.

Rallye The Gourmet Tour"on sale for € 2 at the Tourist Office.

15 villages to explore

Hit the road, watch and play... Beaumont de Lomagne, Sérignac, Larrazet, Belbèze en Lomagne, Escazeaux, Le Causé, Faudoas, Maubec, Cumont, Lamothe Cumont, Marsac, Gramont, Lachapelle, Asques, Lavit.

Rallye des gourmets en Lomagne

Rallye des gourmets en Lomagne

We enjoy...

Randoland playful walks Family hiking tours.
Between city and nature, clues to find, an investigation to solve to visit, stroll and have fun with the whole family. Leave for around 5km of walk which will take you to Beaumont de Lomagne and Gramont.
> The puzzles evolve according to the age of the children. (4/6 years old, 7/9 years old, + 10 years old).
> Price: € 2 per course. On sale at the Tourist Office

Randolantd à Beaumont de Lomagne

Randoland à Beaumont de Lomagne

Information and reservation

  • Treasures hunts : "Randoland" , "The adventures of Bello Monte" and  rally "The gourmet tour"
  • Lomagne Tourist Office
    1 rue de l’église
    82500 Beaumont de Lomagne
    Phone number : 05 63 02 42 32
Jeu de piste à Beaumont de Lomagne

Jeu de piste à Beaumont de Lomagne. La bougeotte en famille