This 15th and 17th century mansion was the birthplace of Pierre Fermat, a famous 17th century mathematician. Considered to be the oldest building of civil architecture in the bastide of Beaumont de Lomagne, it contains a conference room, cellar, monumental fireplaces, French ceilings which bear traces of frescoes. Its famous tower offers a 360 ° view of the bastide.

Pierre Fermat and
his famous last theorem

The French mathematician Pierre de Fermat was passionate about mathematics and corresponded with the greatest scientists of his time: Mersenne, Pascal, Descartes, Galileo…
He made decisive contributions in several mathematical fields, in particular the calculus of probabilities and the theory of numbers . It was in this last branch that Fermat proved to be unrivaled, with his theorem that held scientists the world over for 356 years:

Xn + Yn = Zn is impossible in integers for all n> 2.

Statue de Pierre Fermat à Beaumont de Lomagne

Statue de Pierre Fermat à Beaumont de Lomagne. Laetis

Scientific events for all

The Fermat Science association has set itself the objectives of promoting access for all to mathematical and scientific culture, to popularize mathematics, and to animate the birthplace of Pierre de Fermat through a rich program of visits, d 'exhibitions and workshop.

Les sciences et les méthématiques à Beaumont de Lomagne

Les sciences et les méthématiques à Beaumont de Lomagne

A new mathematics and science center for 2023

The Fermat mansion, labeled Maison des Illustres in 2011 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, will host a tour of La Maison de Fermat linked to this emblematic character as well as an educational space to welcome schoolchildren. . The tour will be open to all audiences. Various events will be offered around heritage, science and music.

Did you know it ?

During the work of the new mathematics and science center, access to the Fermat tower, exhibitions and mediation rooms will be closed temporarily. Constraints that will allow us to welcome you in restored places, accessible to all and filled with surprises. Case to follow.

Futur Espace Maison Fermat à Beaumont de Lomagne

Futur Espace Maison natale de Pierre Fermat à Beaumont de Lomagne

We enjoy...

Do mathematics while having fun! The knotted rope, the Caesar code, the compass ... will hold no secrets for you.

Treasure hunts on sale at the Beaumont  Tourist Office.

Jeu et énigmes mathématiques à Beaumont de Lomagne

Jeu et énigmes mathématiques à Beaumont de Lomagne. OT Lomagne


L'équipe de l'Association Fermat Science à Beaumont de Lomagne