Maubec et ses remparts

and its ramparts

Maubec et ses remparts. G.Cassaro

The ramparts and the church of St Orens are the treasure of this village, an ancient fortified site displaying some charmingly picturesque little streets. Maubec is a village perched at the top of a limestone bank, overlooking the Gimone valley.


An ancient fortified site

Maubec is an ancient “oppidum” located in a very strategic place. It used to be a formidable Catholic defence site during the Religious wars. At that time the

White limestone is everywhere in Maubec. It is the base of the medieval ramparts and the church, classified as historic monuments.

To the east of the village, very close by, don’t miss the forge where ox were shoed, which has been well restored, and an old washhouse, just a little outside the village.

Village de Maubec et ses remparts

St Orens Church, listed as a Historic Monument

The great originality of this church was the huge bell tower on the front, about 34m high, which was exceptional in the region

Almost in ruins, it was rebuilt and today we can discover a beautiful building with its porch that opens on 3 sides, a Renaissance-style entrance portal, original lamp bases, two side chapels and a pediment triangular which covers the whole.

Eglsie de Maubec Intérieur

Intérieur eglise de Maubec. Laetis

We enjoy...

We like to picnic behind the church, on the rampart walk in the shade of old trees. Motorhomes can also stop there and spend the night in peace.

Remparts de Maubec

Remparts de Maubec. G.Cassaro


Maison à pan de bois

Maison à pans de bois à Maubec. G.Cassaro