Chateau et pigeonnier de Marsac

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Chateau et pigeonnier de Marsac. N.Dupuy

Perched villages nestled on the hillsides, overlooking the fertile plains of Gimone and Arratz, agricultural and varied landscapes in which we find pretty little hamlets that blend into the heart of nature. To discover these places, you just have to drive and let yourself be surprised by these pretty winding roads.

Typical villages of  Lomagne

Discover the top 5 villages to see absolutely in Lomagne.

> Beaumont de Lomagne, royal bastide
> Larrazet and its baroque altarpiece
> Faudoas, picturesque village
> Maubec and its ramparts
> Gramont, city of golden stones

Halle de Beaumont-de-Lomagne.

Halle de Beaumont-de-Lomagne. Laetis

Lachapelle and its baroque masterpiece

Located in the valleys of Lomagne, at the top of a hillock, this small village has retained its charm with its houses adjoining the castle where the old fortifications are visible. Let yourself be surprised by the St pierre church, a baroque masterpiece.

Eglise baroque de lachapelle

Lachapelle. Eglise baroque. ADT_Tauran

Lavit and its Eiffel halle

Following its collapse, in 1894 and 1897, it was decided to adopt an industrial style, very modern, at the time when Gustave Eiffel had built his Tower. It forms a 30 m square, has 32 cast iron pillars and is embellished with a metal bell tower where its clock is placed.

Also to see:
- paintings by Gaillard Lala in St Laurent church restored in 2018 by Gérôme Darparens, decorative painter.
- In the park of remarkable trees, two species of Californian sequoia

Do you know it ?

Balignac, Esparsac, Gensac, Marignac, Marsac, Sérignac as many names of villages which end in ac.
Why ? Usually from the Gallic suffix -acum, which defines either a place, a geographical element or the old location of a Gallo-Roman villa.

We enjoy...

> Belbèze-en-Lomagne and its beautiful view of Gimone Valley
> Cumont et Le Causé for beautiful panoramas
> Lamothe-Cumont and its church rebuilt in the 20th century, its garden which invites you to relax with a view of the Pyrenees.
> Gariès, Gensac et Vigueron and their fishing lake
> Gimat and its magnolia, its dovecote on pillars and the haras of French trotters.
> Marsac, white stone village
> Montgaillard,  its cork oak and its hiking trails
> Sérignac,  its front doors and its horse riding club

Cumont et son clocher au loin

Cumont et son clocher au loin. N.Dupuy


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Marsac, sur un air de Toscane en Lomagne