10 good reasons to visit Lomagne

Situated halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and just  a stone's throw from the Pyrénées, the Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise is a Gascon region in the heart of the South-West in Occitania.
Why not come and enjoy the  Lomagne experience for your holidays?!

Sunset on the Lomagne

Sunset on the Lomagne

1 Take your time

Rest and recuperate in the quiet countryside in quality accommodation. As you drive along the pretty little roads of the Lomagne, discover hilly landscapes reminiscent of Tuscany.

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Fruits et légumes de Lomagne.

Fruits et légumes de Lomagne.. P.Biasotto

2 Eat well
Eat local products

The Lomagne is a land of plenty where nature overflows with quality products and we enjoy generous and sun-drenched cuisine

Lomagne local products

Jeu, enigmes dans la patrie du méthmaticien Pierre Fermat

Jeu, énigmes dans la patrie du mathématicien Pierre Fermat. G.cassaro

3 Learn and have fun

The Lomagne is a great destination for family fun. Here, in the homeland of the mathematician Pierre Fermat, take a look at treasure hunts, riddles and rallies – there are so many challenges you could do!

Pierre Fermat's birthplace

Vivre au ryhtme des chevaux

Vivre au ryhtme des chevaux. G.Cassaro

4 Feel the thud of hooves

At the Beaumont de Lomagne racecourse, why not have a go at predicting the future and try your luck among the colourful caps and silks worn by drivers and jockeys.

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Faire la fête en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise

Faire la fête en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. G.Cassaro

5 Celebrate

Throughout the seasons, you can enjoy your fill of gourmet, festive and cultural events. A southwestern ambience is guaranteed!

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Facade Renaissance château de Gramont

Château et jardins de Gramont. Laetis

6 Immerge yourself
in history

To discover the Lomagne you can indulge your sense of curiosity and go from valley to valley to discover bastides, small picturesque villages, castles, churches and pigeon lofts.

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Tournesol de Lomagne

Tournesol de Lomagne

7 Enjoy the sun

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, come and enjoy the temperate climate in Lomagne, where we have sunshine for a large part of the year.

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Randonnée en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise

Randonnée en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. G.Cassaro

8 Hiking in the fresh air

12 hiking trails ranging from 5km to 27km for the entire family, allowing you to discover the hilly landscapes of the Lomagne and its rural heritage: pigeon lofts, fountains, etc.

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Ail blanc de Lomagne

Ail blanc de Lomagne. J.L Photographies

9 Savour white garlic, an exceptional condiment

Beaumont de Lomagne, the capital of white garlic, is a great place to live. Cooking with garlic is a sure fire way to introduce some southern sunshine to your dish and give a boost to your holidays.


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Piscine Beaumont de Lomagne. Camping le Lomagnol

Piscine Beaumont de Lomagne. G.Cassaro

10 Relax at
the leasure centre

Revitalising, sporty and full of activities, the "Le Lomagnol" leisure centre puts on a whole range of activities, both land and water-based, for the whole family, and all set in rural surroundings on the edge of a 30-hectare lake.

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