10 good reasons
to come in Lomagne

Halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, a stone's throw from the Pyrenees, Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise is a country of Gascony in the heart of the southwest in Occitania. For your holidays, live the Lomagne experience!

Sunset on the Lomagne

Sunset on the Lomagne

1 Take his time

Relax in peace in the countryside in quality accommodation. At the bend of the pretty little roads of Lomagne, discover hilly landscapes resembling Tuscany.


Fruits et légumes de Lomagne.

Fruits et légumes de Lomagne.. P.Biasotto

2 Eat good
Eat local products

Lomagne is a land of plenty where nature is overflowing with quality products to offer generous, quality and sunny cuisine.

Lomagne local products

Jeu, enigmes dans la patrie du méthmaticien Pierre Fermat

Jeu, énigmes dans la patrie du mathématicien Pierre Fermat. G.cassaro

3 Learn and have fun

La Lomagne is a privileged destination for family fun. Here, in the birthplaceof the mathematician Pierre Fermat between treasure hunts, puzzles and rally, there are many challenges to take up!

Pierre Fermat's birthplace

Vivre au ryhtme des chevaux

Vivre au ryhtme des chevaux. G.Cassaro

4 Vibrate to the rhythm of hooves

At the hippodrome of Beaumont de Lomagne, as a tipster for a day, try your luck among the helmets and colorful hats worn by drivers and jockeys.

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Faire la fête en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise

Faire la fête en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. G.Cassaro

5 Go out and party

Throughout the seasons, gourmet, festive and cultural events to savor without moderation. South-West atmosphere guaranteed!

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Facade Renaissance château de Gramont

Château et jardins de Gramont. Laetis

6 Explore history

To discover Lomagne you have to be curious and jump from valley to valley to explore bastides, small picturesque villages, castles, churches and dovecotes ...

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Tournesol de Lomagne

Tournesol de Lomagne

7 Enjoy the sun

Spring, summer, autumn, winter come and enjoy a temperate climate in Lomagne which allows you to enjoy the sun for a large part of the year.

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Randonnée en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise

Randonnée en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. G.Cassaro

8 Hiking in the hills of Lomagne

12 hiking trails from 5 to 27km for the whole family, to discover the hilly landscapes of Lomagne and its rural heritage: dovecotes, fountains ...

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Ail blanc de Lomagne

Ail blanc de Lomagne. J.L Photographies

9 Enjoy white garlic, an exceptional condiment

In Beaumont de Lomagne, capital of white garlic, life is good. Cooking with garlic exports the midday sun to your plates and gives your holidays a boost


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Piscine Beaumont de Lomagne. Camping le Lomagnol

Piscine Beaumont de Lomagne. G.Cassaro

10 Relax at
the leasure center

The "Le Lomagnol" leisure center offers a range of activities on land or on the water for the whole family in a rural setting by a 30ha lake.

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