Lomagne, the land of white garlic from Lomagne, is the meeting point between a terroir and a legendary plant with unsuspected virtues.

Garlic festivals

The 3rd Sunday of July

  • The white garlic festival takes place every year in the heart of the bastide of Beaumont de Lomagne on the 3rd Sunday of July. This is an opportunity to meet the producers and buy them garlic in all its forms: loose, in plaits, with the tops ...
  • A festive day where white garlic is in the spotlight but other cultural and artistic activities await you: tasting garlic bread, garlic soup called "tourin" and  world championship of garlic peelers,  street shows, children's activities,  exhibitions ...

The 2nd weekend of September

  • A weekend dedicated to garlic professionals during which the most beautiful braids, bundles and other garlic-based masterpieces are exhibited.
Foire exposition

Highly-Coloured Cuisine

  • Lomagne white garlic can be cooked in all forms: raw, cooked, chopped, unpeeled, pricked ... Garlic is the essential condiment for southern cuisine.
  • One of the earliest known recipes in ancient Rome was garlic ointment. In the Middle Ages, Plautus mentioned a garlic stew that he called "alliatum", better known under the name of "aillade". In the 16th century, garlic was cooked under ashes in this pan hermetically. firm. We put the whole head, unpeeled, it cooks in its skin, without losing any of its aroma.


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CCP / IGP quality label

  • Lomagne white garlic receives all the attention it deserves from producers: sowing, harvesting, peeling, drying, braiding ...
  • As for consumers, thanks to experimentation, seed selection and respect for the environment, professionals offer a quality product that has been awarded a CCP / IGP quality label since 2004.
  • Cultivated in Lomagne since the 13th century, white garlic took off at the end of the Second World War thanks in particular to well-inspired merchants who made Lomagne an important center of the garlic trade in France.

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A magical plant

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, garlic stimulates the immune system, strengthens bones, improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
  • Thanks to the allicin contained in garlic, it is recognized as a bactericide and a lung and digestive antiseptic. Garlic is an antiseptic that works against mosquito bites and bites. It is now used in some soaps for its antibacterial action ...
  • Garlic has an antioxidant effect. Researchers have recently established that garlic is useful in combating heart attacks by preventing coronary arteries from clogging up, and that it could also prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and even weight gain ...

A legendary plant

  • Garlic is said to be an aphrodisiac, lengthen life, giving it strength and vigor.
  • Garlic's virtues have been abundantly illustrated in history. Pyramid builders, ancient Greek athletes and warriors throughout the ages were administered a few bulbs of the odorous herb to maximise performance and fend off diseases.
  •  For thousands of years, Garlic has been one of the most popular medicinal herbs, in addition to the legendary myth that Garlic will ward off vampires...
Panier en ail à Beaumont de Lomagne