In Lomagne, several fishing grounds (lakes or rivers) can allow you to fish for zander, catfish, pike, white fish and leather carp. Find your perfect fishing spot !

Pêche au carnassier lac de la chêneraie à Lavit

Pêche au carnassier lac de la chêneraie à Lavit

1 Lavit Lake
for carnivorous fish

The Lavit lake covers an area of 10 ha and is stocked with pike, pike-perch, perch, carp, tench, bream, roach and rudd. A real peaceful haven in which to enjoy your hobby. On the site there are hiking trailsfor a family day out.

La pêche à la carpe à Beaumont de Lomagne

La pêche à la carpe à Beaumont de Lomagne. F.Braem

2 Beaumont Lake
for carp

The lake of Beaumont is waiting for you to catch the famous carp. The record to beat is 29.800 kg  Enjoy your passion for carp, day and night, at the  “Le Lomagnol” campsite where you can benefit from special pitches for carp anglers.

Pêche à Garies en float tube

Pêche à Garies en float tube

3 Gariès Lake
for float-tubing

There are 43 ha available for float-tube fishing so you can get closer to the fish and the action. Appreciate the calmness of this lake for this sport.


Carte de pêche fédérale.

Carte de pêche fédérale.

Fishing license

  • To fish in France, you must have a fishing licence. In Lomagne, you can buy it :

> Tourist Office
1 rue de l’église
82500 Beaumont de Lomagne
Phone number:

> « Le Lomagnol » Campsite
Avenue du lac
82500 Beaumont de Lomagne
phone number: 05 63 02 16 76

> Directly on the website

Rivers and lakes of Lomagne

The Lomagne has  interesting potential for fishing:

> Small category 2 rivers: the Arrats, Ayroux, Sère, Gimone, Tessonne, Lambon, Nadesse and Sarrempion, all direct tributaries of the Garonne.
>Numerous hill lakes: Beaumont de Lomagne, Lavit, Gensac, Gariès, Vigueron, Montgaillard, Glatens.

Family fishing workshop

To catch your first fish, take part in the family fishing workshops, each Wednesday during school holidays. Information and registration at the Beaumont Tourist Office

Pêche en Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise