Le clocher toulousain de l'l'église de Beaumont

Car and motorhome tours
in Lomagne

Here are some ideas for car tours to discover Lomagne Tarn and Garonne by car, motorbike, motorhome: the bastides of Lomagne, famous people, the most beautiful villages in France ... Have a good trip !

Statue Pierre de Fermat à Beaumont de Lomagne

Statue Pierre de Fermat à Beaumont de Lomagne. OT Lomagne

1 From Pierre Fermat to Toulouse Lautrec

Pierre Fermat, Ingres, Bourdelle, Olympe de Gouges or Toulouse Lautrec, they are known for their talent in various fields: sciences, sculptures, paintings ... Museums, exhibitions, birthplace will help you discover them.

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Bastide de Beaumont de Lomagne.

Bastide de Beaumont de Lomagne. Balloide

2 Batides tour
in Lomagne

A bastide is a new town founded in the 13th century, both strongholds and public places. Among the 400 bastides in the southwest, Beaumont de Lomagne was founded between 1276 and 1279.

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Pigeonnier classé à Marsac

Pigeonnier classé à Marsac. OT Lomagne

3 Dovecotes tour
in Lomagne

There are no less than 94 dovecotes in Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. Some of them have been transformed into accomodation for an unusual holiday.

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