Made from ducks and geese that are force-fed with whole grain corn and reared by local producers who want to offer high-quality products: foie gras, confits, duck breast, etc.

History of "foie"

An ancestral tradition

  • When was foie gras invented?

    No one really knows. What we do know, however, is that the method of force-feeding geese, ducks and other crane birds had already developed around 2500 BC.

    The question remains, though, as to whether these ancient gourmets knew the delights of foie gras or whether they only feasted on the meat of these palmipeds, while using their fat for various tasks around the home.

    The Egyptians observed the natural ability of palmipeds to build up fat reserves before they attempted their return journey. They replicated this natural tendency and developed progressive feeding practices.

Assiette de foie gras

Enjoy yourself...

  • The foie gras is eaten with truffles, fresh figs, grapes, red currant, cherry jam, stewed dried fruits... Foie gras has a rich flavour and must be complimented by complex and robust wines such as a sweet white or a fruity red.
  • Foie gras, which is often associated with festive meals and important events in our lives, is actually a dish that can be eaten all year round. 
    In Lomagne, we don’t need an excuse to enjoy ourselves!
Assiette foie gras à la Belle Montoise