Made from ducks and geese stuffed with whole grain corn and raised by local producers anxious to serve high quality products: foie gras, confits, duck breasts ...

History of "foie"

An ancestral tradition

  • Centuries ago, the Egyptians and the Romans noticed that migratory geese were able to stock fat in their liver in preparation for their long-distance flights. They found the meat and liver of these geese succulent. So they started to reproduce this natural phenomenon and fatten geese with figs and cereals.
  • In France, small, independent, traditional producers perpetuate the time-honored processing method that follows progressive feeding principles.



Assiette de foie gras

We enjoy...

  • The foie gras is eaten with truffles, fresh figs, grapes, red currant, cherry jam, stewed dried fruits... Foie gras has a rich flavour and must be complimented by complex and robust wines such as a sweet white or a fruity red.
  • Foie gras, often associated with holiday meals and important events in our life, is also a dish that can be eaten all year round.
    In Lomagne we don't need excuses to feast !!!!
Assiette foie gras à la Belle Montoise