Lever de soleil en Lomagne sur pigeonnier

Top 3 dovecotes in lomagne

The Lomagne region has a wide variety of pigeon lofts. Some of them have been restored and transformed into quality accommodation. You will find 94 of them along your route. We have chosen the top 3 most remarkable pigeon lofts for you..

Pigeonnier de Manas à Vigueron.

Pigeonnier de Manas à Vigueron.. G. Cassaro

1 The Manas pigeon loft
in Vigueron

This hexagonal loft with arcades is supported by red brick pillars. Fully restored, it is attached to a farmhouse and has a beautiful lantern topped by a terracotta finial.

Pigeonnier à Gimat

Pigeonnier à Gimat. G. Cassaro

2 The pigeon loft on columns at Gimat

Set apart in the countryside, it dominates the Gimone valley. This pigeon loft rests on 8 stone columns topped with stone caps called “Capel”: these were put in place to protect the birds from predators climbing up.

Pigeonnier classé à Marsac

Pigeonnier classé à Marsac. OT Lomagne

3 The listed pigeon loft
in Marsac

In a place called Lamourette in Marsac, there is an isolated and restored dovecote, complete with a bell tower topped by a pewter finial and 3 pigeons. It is made from white stone and has the rather peculiar feature of having two very beautiful "Renaissance" stone dormer windows and an anti-predator strip along the roof.


Pigeon lofts from here

These pigeon "dungeons" or dovecotes have all been restored or rebuilt and can bear witness to social history that dates back millenia.

In Lomagne, there are various different types of pigeon lofts:

> The Toulousan type pigeon loft or pied de mulet. Rectangular building with a single-pitch roof.
>The pigeon loft tower: Attached to the house, to outbuildings or standing on its own, the tower is often quadrangular in shape. 
>The pigeon loft over arcades
>The balcony pigeon loft. This protects the entrance porch from the weather. 
>Dovecote over pillars or over columns


Did you know... ?

There are no less than 94 pigeon lofts in Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. Some of them have been transformed into rental holidays for a quirky holiday stay.

Le capel du pigeonnier de Gimat

Le capel du pigeonnier de Gimat. G. Cassaro