Lever de soleil en Lomagne sur pigeonnier

Top 3 dovecotes
in Lomagne

La Lomagne offers a great diversity of dovecotes. Some of them have been restored and then transformed into quality accommodation. You will find 94 of them as you travel. We have selected for you the top 3 of the most remarkable dovecotes.

Pigeonnier de Manas à Vigueron.

Pigeonnier de Manas à Vigueron.. G. Cassaro

1 The Manas dovecote
in Vigueron

This hexagonal dovecote on arches rests on pillars of red brick. Completely restored, it is attached to a farmhouse and has a beautiful lantern topped by a terracotta ridge.

Pigeonnier à Gimat

Pigeonnier à Gimat. G. Cassaro

2 The dovecote on columns at Gimat

Isolated in the countryside, it overlooks the Gimone valley. This dovecote rests on 8 stone columns surmounted by stone caps called "Capel" which served to protect from the ascension of predators.

Pigeonnier classé à Marsac

Pigeonnier classé à Marsac. OT Lomagne

3 The classified dovecote in Marsac

At a place called Lamourette in Marsac, this isolated and restored dovecote has a steeple surmounted by a pewter ridge with 3 pigeons. All in white stone, it has the particularity of having two very beautiful “Renaissance” stone dormers and an anti-predator strip along the roof.


Dovecotes of Lomagne

Dovecotes were therefore usually extremely ornate and elaborate constructions designed to demonstrate social position and authority. In addition it contributed towards the rural economy : the pigeon excrement was used as a fertilizer and the pigeon meat was a supplementary income.

Different types of dovecotes :

>Dovecote "toulousain" or « pied de mulet » : rectangular building with just one slope.
>Tower dovecote : adjoining the house or isolated, with a square shape.
>Dovecote over arcades : over stone or brick pillars. Square, hexagonal or octogonal shape.
>Balet or balcon dovecote : to protect the entrance porche from bad weather. Usually it belongs to an important farm or castle.
>Dovecote over pillars or over columns : in a square, hexagonal or octogonal shape, over 4, 6 or 8 colums.


Did you know it ?

There are no less than 94 dovecotes in Lomagne Tarn et Garonnaise. Some of them have been transformed into holiday rentals for an unusual holiday.

Le capel du pigeonnier de Gimat

Le capel du pigeonnier de Gimat. G. Cassaro